Barclays Plc., London/Bangalore Offshore Turnaround Manager

Assignment: Turnaround – fix software delivery quality and increase productivity of a very large offshore delivery unit in India.

Situation: 950 people in Bangalore, Bombay and Pune. Responsible for the entire software project and maintenance portfolio in HR, Finance and Retail banking. Client satisfaction very low with the Indian development team. Software quality issues. Client threatened to cancel the contract.

Approach: As the turnaround manager, Mr. Kraft first improved client coverage from India through the assignment of more senior personnel, and more time allocated for client interaction. Second, massive investments were made in software quality and productivity. Technologies: SAP (ERP/HCM), Java, COBOL, Retail and Commercial Banking packages.

Key accomplishments:

  • Marked improvement in client satisfaction – the contract is in still in force today!
  • Increased productivity – drove 10% (>20.000 person days/a) productivity gains in software delivery through use of technology innovation, automation and specialization. This translated into multi-million GBP savings for the client.
  • Significantly improved software quality – defect reduction of up to 70% – through an innovative code quality framework (patent granted to Mr. Kraft and others in 2011)

 (08/2008 – 02/2010)



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