Head of Technical Architecture Capability – Accenture India Delivery Centers

Assignment: Build a new capability and scale it up.

Situation: Technical Architecture skills were widely dispersed into industry and project teams. There was no critical mass, nor a common structure or identity. The architect’s career path was in low regard. Consequently, competent architects left Accenture and the firm had trouble staffing complex projects in India. This in turn cost the firm revenue, as clients were increasingly unwilling to pay high onshore rates for complex IT work.

Approach: The aim of Mr. Kraft was to build a powerful architects team in India to be able to run complex projects there. He created a new organizational unit with a new identity, a new career model and specific training curricula. Career management and staffing were centralized to better control the architect’s career progression.

Key accomplishments:

  • Building the team from scratch – providing mission and identity. Fundamental reorganization, bringing together specialists from all parts of the organization into one powerful team.
  • Getting to a critical mass – increased headcount by 80% within 6 months and scaling to over 800 members in the first year.
  • Established credibility through work on globally funded technical architecture initiatives (lighthouse projects such as the Accenture foundation architecture for Java, AFP-J)

(02/2009 – 08/2010)


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