Turnaround Manager for a Global Bank (Manila, Singapore)

Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore  (Turnaround Manager 03/2010 – 07/2010)

Assignment: Design, implement and run a utility service for software build and deployment (volume approx. 15 m€, 50 people).

Situation: Accenture’s aim was to automate the build and deployment processes for complex, global applications and then run these processes from their offshore center in Manila. The project was behind schedule; way above budget and client satisfaction was near zero. The team ran more than 25% attrition and was very frustrated when Mr. Kraft took over technology account leadership.

Approach: Review of contract, status, processes, organization and tooling. Mr. Kraft reorganized the team, exchanged key personnel, redesigned the client interaction and launched investments in real-time reporting (dashboards) and automation. In addition, Mr. Kraft helped the client address shortcomings on the Bank’s side.

Key accomplishments:

  • Project turned around in three months. Still running stable with green SLA’s today.

Barclays Plc., London/Bangalore Offshore Turnaround Manager

Assignment: Turnaround – fix software delivery quality and increase productivity of a very large offshore delivery unit in India.

Situation: 950 people in Bangalore, Bombay and Pune. Responsible for the entire software project and maintenance portfolio in HR, Finance and Retail banking. Client satisfaction very low with the Indian development team. Software quality issues. Client threatened to cancel the contract.

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SOA Platform for the European Central Bank (ECB)

My role was the Account Executive and Project Manager for a SOA platform implementation at the ECB. We designed, delivered and operated a SOA integration platform for the network of European Central Banks that significantly reduces communication complexities, reduces efforts and increases speed to market.

Situation: The ECB had a very complex set of interfaces within itself and also with the other Central Banks in the Eurozone. In addition, extremely high data security and data quality standards required an extraordinary (personnel) effort and did not scale well.

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Project Manager – leading European Primary Insurer

Assignment: Design, implementation and rollout of a new health claims system in a co-sourcing model (approx. 35.000 person days).

Situation: The client was in a massive post-merger program and had to build this new core system from scratch. The challenges were scarce resources, a tight timeline dictated by the merger master plan plus the clients mandate to build large IT project skills in their own teams through this project.

Approach: Multi vendor co-sourcing managed by Accenture. Mr. Kraft was the overall project lead.  Technologies: z/OS/CICS/COBOL/DB2

Key accomplishment:

  • Delivered on time and on budget

(2005-2007, 24 months)